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Here we have our section of goodies, variety is the spice of life after all. Follow these links to see some of the stuff that makes up the Underground besides the comic.


As you may have guessed, this link leads to a page that explains the cast! Wow, the marvels of modern technology!

About the Authors

Another page with a befuddling title, in here you'll find descriptions that are, well, about the authors. Get the low down on Matt and Jeff, the evil masterminds behind this zany venture.


This page houses some of the fine work by Matt, and maybe later some stuff by Jeff. You'll probalby want to check out the ones by matt first, cos he's better at that whole "writing" thing.


Here we have the images drawn by our devoted following giving their own spin on our characters. That or they thought they could do it better than Jeff. Whatever works, we always love to get feedback, especially beautifully rendered feedback. Enjoy as much as we do.


You should be more wary of this page. It houses the artwork by Jeff, not his more talented audience. He really needs to get around to getting rid of some of the crappier stuff in there and putting up some of his more recent, less crappy stuff. At any rate, enter at your own risk.

First comic