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Here is some short information on the two people who bring you the Underground, Jeff Russell and Matt Green. Also, check out some writing, ranting, and various other stuff from the authors (mostly Matt) over on the writing page.


Jeff Russell:

Jeff lives in Houston, Texas, quite often confused with a humid, disgusting hell. He draws the strip and collaborates with Matt on writing it. He's been drawing semi-seriously for a year or two, with some sketches here and there before that. Not very good at it (Hell of a lot better than I am. Don't pay attention, he's just modest. -Matt) he still enjoys it quite a bit, and hopes to get better. He also plays pencil and paper roleplaying games, or at least he did when he lived where he had friends that played as well. If you know anyone in the Houston area who does as well, let him know. If for some odd reason you want to know more about Jeff, send him an email at


Matt Green:

Matt Green was the second gunman and editor behind the Underground when it ran in the now-discontinued TFWD literary magazine, and is now the main writer for its current webcomic incarnation. In addition to writing and editing for the three-year running TFWD litmag, he is chief of the lighting for his high school drama department. Matt has also preformed as a flag on the award-winning Oakton Color Guard in '01 Winter Guard and '02 Fall Guard, attended Virginia Boys State, and has done a lot of other things he's not especially proud of. Matt writes a lot of the text found on the site as well as drawing up the main story lines and making funnys. In his own time, he plays RPGs of all kinds (both digital and pencil and paper), writes poetry and fiction, and makes fun of terrible movies. He currently resides in the North Virginian suburbs of D.C. and you can reach him at

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