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Arthur is the editor of The Underground, the unofficial school newspaper that gives the strip its name. Arthur casually follows Zen and Taoist philosophy, which gives him a level-headedness many others lack. A strict English-Literature-Nazi, Arthur writes for the Underground to show up the crap that the school's official newspaper spews out.


Spence is Arthur's long time friend and compatriot in creating The Underground. Spence is a high-strung lighting techie who has the unfortunate vice of building things like massive super-weapon robots in his garage. Spence likes anime, especially the kind you keep in your closet. Spence handles the technical issues associated with publishing an Underground newspaper, and adds a certain misanthropic disgruntled post officer quality to the overall publishing environment.



Hiroko is the only anime character in the strip, if for no other reason than she looks a lot better that way. The bubbly performer of the group, Hiroko is an active member of her school's drama department and participates in the school color guard, as well as being an aspiring poet. Underneath this happy-go-lucky attitude, however, Hiroko houses many fears about herself and the people around her. Sometimes wildly emotional, Hiroko struggles to maintain her image as a cheerful and bouncy teen without a care in the world, if only so that she doesn't feel weak and vulnerable in front of others.


When Spence describes his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he isnt talking in metaphors. Spence has discovered a new and exciting outlet for both his spiritual and sexual needs in a very disturbing way, as Jesus Christ has appeared before him and the two keep crashing together in the most disturbing ways. The J-Man tends to keep to himself most of the time, but on occasion will bust out with some crazy miracle action as only He can do it.


Ira is the mandatory incompetent theatre technician that works at Katooloo High School and is a bane to everyone who works with him. Mysteriously, nobody is willing to go through the paperwork to remove him, and so he continues to make a mockery of the tech department and drive Spence closer and closer to a homicidal rage.

Plush Cthulhu:

The stuffed, cuddly version of everyone's favorite ancient elder god of evil! A monstrosity from beyond the stars that lies sleeping underneath the sea in his nightmarish city of R'lyeh, only less slimy. The powers of plush Cthulhu remain mysterious, and no know his purposes, but he can be found in the booth or with Arthur, whichever better suits his dark machinations.

Evil Spence and Conscience Jesus:

The classic representation of temptation and salvation, but with a new twist. The evil version of Spence represents all of Spence's "bad traits" and he tries to spur him on to things that he knows will only get Spence into trouble. Spence's conscience on the other hand seems to be Jesus, with angel wings and a halo, no less. The really strange part is that they're starting to bug other people too.

Mr. Splooge:

The sometimes eccentric, but always cool drama teacher at Katooloo high has Spence, Hiroko, and Arthur in his class, and he unwittingly set them on the dark path of newspaper publishers with a farce assignment. He knows that the school can't touch him because they need his award winning theatre department, and he enjoys it.

Principal Sozey:

Your basic stereotypical knee-jerk reactionary principal, worried about concerned parents, policy, precedent, and his lunch. An early subject of ridicule by the Underground and a constant source of annoyance.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Jeff & Matt

The authors of The Underground occasionally make an appearance as their own goofy selves, wreaking havoc and generally making a nuisance of themselves. The both of them stay true to the big fat nerds and pop up every once in a while to move the plot along, at considerable risk to themselves and others.


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