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This page houses some art by Jeff, most of which doesn't have to do with the comic. So be warned, you might be subjected to frightening and terrible things.


Polykarbon Cover 1

Well, I most certainly didn't draw this, but I did color it. I got the line art for this image from Polykarbon, and then followed the directions for the excellent photoshop coloring tutorial, and the 3D background tutorial for the background of the picture. I think it turned out well, this picture has some real dynamic opportunity for shading. Now if only I could draw like that on my own, then I'd be set.

Polykarbon Cover 2

Yet another example of me coloring lineart from Polykarbon using photoshop, in this one I decided to go for a simple gradient in the background, as I'm rather fond of the simple greyscale gradient. The smoke I made using another tutorial available at Polykarbon. I really can't recommend that site enough, if you're at all interested in either manga-style drawing or using photoshop, or both as my case is, then you should head there and not only take a gander at the excellent artwork for inspiration, but look at the wonderful tutorials. I think they have been the most useful tutorials I've ever found, and are almost solely responsible for my learning how to draw at all decently.


This picture actually shows something that I drew by hand, inked, and colored in photoshop. The crappy background was also done in photoshop as you can probably tell. I think the pic would have been greatly improved if I had done the scabbard properly, more towards the back than to the side. But I've gotten better at foreshortening since then, so hopefully if I tried a similar picture it wouldn't pose a problem.

RPG Spanish Gang Member

I drew this guy here for a Roleplaying game someone on the Keenspace mailing list is working on. He represents a future gang with a thing for ancient (to them) Spanish culture. Hence the wrist watch with the rest of the outfit

Shanghai Mamie's Bar Sign

I acturally did this picture for a model set I was building for a set design contest. It's supposed to be a painting for a sleazy bar, so it's purposely a little over rich in color, and the highlights are unsubtle. I drew it by hand, inked it, scanned it, colored it in photoshop, and then printed it and glued the sign onto the set.

Fish Girl

This one is an online "Doll" (Plural is "Dollz") that I edited to make an example of a character from the roleplaying game Teenagers From Outer Space, made by R. Talsorian Games, great game by the way. Anyhow, Itook an average head and torso, then a mermaid tail costume piece, and colored the same color as the tail, and drew all of the tentacles in the "hair" by hand. I also recolored the shirt for the hell of it.

Manga Superhero Me!

This is the picture I'm submitting to the school's literary magazine (I'll update as to whether it makes it or not at a later date). It's a manga rendition of myself holding a microphone cable (because I'm the sound operator for the school Theatre Department). This sprang from being bored at rehearsal one day, so I started drawing, and this came out. Eventually, I want to do the same sort of thing for a pic of my girlfriend Erin (she does lights in the same department) and my friend Lance (another techie, though he still claims to be an actor). The inking on it isn't the best, and this particular picture was shrunk to fit the page, making it a not too good representation. I was experimenting with foreshortening to some extent to try and make the picture more dynamic, but the left hand came out a bit too large. Otherwise I think it worked out well, but still a little bit flat.

Gun Girl

This piece here I posted in place of a comic because I was running a day late and wanted to post something, but didn't have time for a full inked comic. I was basically experimenting with some dynamic foreshortening and perspective. Unfortunately, the girl's pose itself came across as a bit stale, but I'm very pleased with the way the gun jumps out at you. I wish I had reposistioned things a bit to show more of the girl's face, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with this picture. Hmm, this weekend I might play with it in photoshop some, as I've seen some neat stuff done with pencil work using the smudge tool.

Circle Weave Fanart

This piece was done as fan art for The Circle Weave, which is a monstrously cool fantasy webcomic. Indigo the author was holding a competition to get a free lifetime membership to Moderntales, so I figured I'd try my hand. Also, this was apparently his first piece of fanart, which knocks my socks off, because he has such a cool setting and such cool characters, and such good artwork! I couldn't wait to try put my spin on it, and still try to capture the same quality. I'll let you be the judge of how successful I was. I'm pretty happy with the effect I achieved with the coloration, namely the blue tint on the character to make it look like nighttime, and the effect that had on the flame highlighting him. Oh, and in case you're curious, his name is Rowan, read The Circle Weave to find out about him, and why he's standing near something burning!


You might remember this being posted in one of the newsposts, but I thought I'd add it to the artwork page. This is one of my favorite pieces that I've done, and I spent a fair amount of time on it. The idea for it jumped into my head of its own accord, and I merely had to work out the best way to draw it. I'm please with how the colors and color balance came out, this was one of my first drawings colored with my Prismacolor markers (touched up with colored pencils). Also, it was the first piece I inked with a steel tipped nib pen, and since I've been quite pleased with that kind of pen. As I said, overall I'm very happy with the complete work.

Random Chick

I was inspired to do this drawing by a piece of fanart of Supergirl that I saw. My drawing isn't a superhero, but the hair and face are similar to the drawing I saw. After I drew it, I ended up just inking it on crappy computer paper, so the ink job on it sucks, but fortunately the color helps to hide that to an extent. Colored with Prismacolor colored pencils, not my best, but I'm pleased with it none the less.

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