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February 24th 2003

Hello hello, this is Matt speaking. There's good news, more good news, and bad news. The bad news, as always, is first. You may have noticed our forum has gone. Well, the angel of computer fuckups has visited the Keenspace forums all over and delivered a nice set of cement sneakers to every single board as well as a lake to drown in.
The good news is, they'll probably get it back up someday, even if it didn't save...well, anything. This also in no way effects the comic. We'll have a new one tomorrow, as promised.
The more good news is that there have been additions to the writing section. Both selections from my online diary and others I haven't published anywhere will be going in there. Jeff will also fix the links to fanart and whatnot sometime shortly.
That's about it....not much other news over here with us wild and crazy guys. Peace out.

February 20th 2003

Alrighty, sorry for the hold up, comic will be up by the this afternoon/evening at the latest, due to the imminent impact of an English paper today. Sorry, I know you want comics, not excuses, but just think of it as desert instead of breakfast. Or something.


February 17th 2003

Yeah, my beard looks really funky in this one, but don't worry, we'll be addressing that shortly.
I am not a monkey boy.


February 14th 2003

Who the hell is that guy you ask? Well, as the comic informs you, his name is Yokozuki, and he is, in short, a crazy Japanese teenager. It's like reading a delightful Japanese stereotype (Clone High stealage for that phrase). I hope that no one really thinks that Matt and I think most, or indeed any Japanese people are really like this, both of us think Japan is quite cool and are fascinated with Japanese culture. At any rate, if anyone knows what the kanji on his shirt means, they get extra bonus points from me. What do these get you? Warm fuzzy feelings, that's what, because I have no tangible material prizes to give out. Sorry. Anyhow, what do you think of this zany new addition? Talk about him in the forum! Oh, and Happy St. Valentine's day everyone, just think of romantic things like Roman Soldiers stoning a priest to death for marrying soldiers (to their girlfriends, you sickos) when it was illegal to do so. Or get flowers, you know, whatever works.


February 10th 2003

By the way, if you find a broken link or a webpage that loads up with the old look and a bunch of broken pictures, or any other sort of funkiness on the site, please email me at I'm going through the site on my own to look for any errors, but in case I miss something and all help is appreciated, thanks in advance

-Jeff, pretending to be a webmaster

February 10th 2003

Well, as you may have noticed, the Underground is sporting a whole new look. I like to call it "version 2.0" but that's because I'm a computer nerd. This *isn't* Matrix-inspired, we promise. Really. Well, Let us know what you think at the forum. Anyway, back to the Monday/Wednesday/Friday routine for now, and keep on comin and we'll keep makin with the funny.

-Jeff "I'm a dork" Russell

February 4th 2003

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us.... Well, in case you hadn't noticed, it's the 1 year anniversary of the UG's humble web beginnings. Now it has humble web current...stuff. The year has not exactly been one of consistency, and we'll probalby have another celebration at 365 strips, cos we're cool like that. At any rate, for those of you who don't "speak German", 'swei' means 2 (and is pronounced "zveye") which we used to do it being the second year of the Underground and because Matt is crazy and german. As previously mentioned, regular MWF updating returning next week, in the meanwhile I'm gonna get cracking on all that new site content we've been advertising. Hope you've enjoyed the first year, and thanks for stickin with us. We're in for another wild and crazy year in the comic and out, so we're glad to have all of you along.

-Jeff, nerd bomber extraordinaire

February 2nd 2003

wow, I'm dumb. I just realized that I had been dating all of this year's news posts as 2002. Woo. Anyway, Keenspace's difficulties seem to be over for real this time ::knocks on wood:: Earlier I could even get into the actual manual update site and everything. Anyhow, we're gonna wrap up our festival o' comics with a big montage spectacular piece that shows everybody in the soon as I draw it :) Why do we have this instead of a regular comic? Because Tuesday marks the date on which one year ago we opened up our digital doors, as it were, and unleashed the horror that is the Underground upon the world. So, be looking forward to said piece, and keep on coming back as next week we'll begin regular Monday Wednesday Friday posting once again. In the meanwhile we'll be dealing with some school stuff and a brand new site design with new content, as we've been promising. Thanks for stickin around, and check out the forums, ciao

-Jeff, master weirdie

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