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These are sites that the authors enjoy, and think that you might too, so check them out, if they weren't cool they wouldn't be here. Well, ok, so we might not be the best judges of what's cool or not, but we'll ignore that for now. By the way, due to our indecisiveness, these comics aren't rated beyond that we think they're worth linking to, and are thus listed in alphabetical order.

Wanna link back to us? Well, feel free to use the banners located below, and let us know, because we'll add you to the "Friends of The Underground" section of the links page, right at the top of the page, and we'll mention you in the newspost! It's a win-win situation for both of us!


Friends of The Underground:


Snowflake studios is a keenspace site hosting multiple quality comics. They are also the first site to qualify as a "Friend of the Underground" (you can feel free to call them partisans or guerillas, the resistance, etc, etc). How can you be an official friend of the underground I hear you ask? It's easy, just link back to The Underground and let us know, and you get to go right up here at the top of the list! You can use a text link, or the handy dandy banner located above, we appreciate your support.

You've seen the banners and the dropdown on the main page, but I figured I should go ahead and add Turbocool to the links page as well. Turbocool is a webcomics conglomerate, or in otherwords, a ring, that was created to help cross promote webcomics. Check out the main page for an ongoing one panel comic done by a different artist on Turbocool every panel, and a list of members and their sites!

Yutz's Entitling Flukes is a sprite based comic, the first to be linked to by Ye Old Underground. It uses characters from Earthbound, quite possibly one of the coolest console RPGs ever, on the great console RPG system, Super Nintendo. Follow this link for Earthbound humor and craziness!

Alrighty, hbomb is both the webmaster of the above mentioned "Snowflake Studios" and the artist/author of "The Hbomb Show". He has remained a loyal and true friend of the underground, even being one of the last people left on the forum after our long absence! Now his comic is going with it's own site, and wee're proud to link to it and support him. Drop by the forum to say hi and get tips on how to be as cool as he is!


Angst Technology:

Angst Technology

Angst Technology is about a small software development company, but don't skip it just because you're not into computer/gaming comics, it's got a lot of great humor and the art style is simple and effective, we like it a lot.

The Circle Weave:

The Circle Weave is a kick ass fantasy webcomic that I found via The Makeshift Miracle (they're both hosted on Moderntales). The first fantasy webcomic to receive the dubious blessing of a link from the Underground, the art is fan-freaking-tastic, and it's entirely digital, the whole way through! Drawn striaght onto the comp witha WACOM tablet! Now that's skill boys and girls. Also, I drew a piece of fanart for this comic as part of a contest that the author, Indigo, was running to get a free membership at Moderntales. Apparently his first fanart, I was flabbergasted due to his really cool characters, concept, and artwork. Hopefully he'll be gracious enough to hook us up with a link, then this will get promoted to "Friends of the Underground".

Exploitation Now:

Exploitation Now is definitely not for the kiddies. At times quite graphic, but only ever in a tongue in cheek, humorous way, really. Very funny stuff. If you don't like occasional nudity or violence, don't say wedidn't warn you.



Fans! is one of Jeff's favorite comics. It has fabulous storylines that span very long periods. If you wanna check it out, start from the beginning and alot yourself a weekend, cos there's a lot in the archive. If you're a fan of science fiction, anime, roleplaying games, or just about anything with a following, you'll be a fan of Fans!


The Makeshift Miracle:

The Makeshift Miracle just got started last year, and Jeff just found it very recently, but he was thoroughly impressed. Every strip is beautifully rendered in full color, complete with stunningly detailed backgrounds. Jeff only wishes that he could draw like that. If you follow this link, you have to promise not to become disgusted with the poor quality art here.


Penny Arcade:

The big PA. Penny Arcade is a giant amont webcomics, and we think it deserves that position. Definitely gamer (as in video/computer games) oriented, it's not just video game humor, so if you're not a big fan of that sort of thing, check it out anyway. This is another very addictive strip that you'll spend hours looking through the archive of. Careful, for it will swallow your soul! In a good way though.


PVP Online:

PVP is another webcomic Goliath, but is quite different in style from PA. Scott Kurtz, the author has some interesting outlooks on things, which sometimes gets people mad at him, but at least he's not afraid to say waht he thinks. His comic is excellent, with simple, clean cartoon stlye art, and well thought out storylines punctuated by one off gags.


Real Life Comics:

Real Life comics is rather self explanatory, it's about Greg Dean and his friends, albeit with a few modifications to make for a good comic. Solid humor, and daily colored strips, good stuff.


Shaw Island:

As the banner says, this comic has quite a few diverse subjects mixed in. Recently brought to Jeff's attention, he was instantly hooked, and is now a daily reader. A powerful blend of comedy and serious subjects, told with wonderful art, this definitely something to check out.



T Shirt Hell:

This site has some really wacky shirts. They're quite funny, and if you like clever shirts as much as we do, then you should enjoy yourself there. That and any shirts that you buy help support the Underground, because any sales made after clicking through this link get us a couple of bucks to use on art supplies and such like.

Think Geek:

Think Geek is an awesome online store full of goodies for, you guessed it, geeks, much like ourselves here at the Underground. A dizzying array of nerdy implements, you know you want it. And this one doesn't get us any money, honest, we just like the site.

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