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October 31st 2002

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we're back, and on this fine Halloween night we have some treats of our own for you. I know so many of you have honed your skills at the time-honored game 'snake' for fun and profit-minus the profit part. Oh, yes, you would score points and more points and onward and upward, but really, would it get you anywhere? Would the millions roll in? Did women take off their clothes for you? Well, now they will. Not the millions. But there will be women sans clothes, if you really are a hot stick with your snake. Er...yeah. Check out this link:
Also, I have found a treasure that had before been lost:, formerly known as the Thin H Line. It's beautiful. The art, the hentai, the necrophiles. It's all there in sickening hilarity. Go there, now.
That's it for us tonight, folks.
Oh, and add after, "folks"-keep tuning in, we'll have more newsposts later. Really! We promise. No, Jeff, not the stick....

October 21st 2002

Ok, here's the deal, I'm a terrible person. I've been working on a piece to enter in an art competition, doing that crazy school thing, working on a Hamlet paper of the devil, and other such distractions. I know, I know, other cartoonists deal with all of that and more and still update daily and what have you. Hence the terrible person description. At any rate, that paper is due on tuesday, so I need to work on that right now, but Tuesday night I'll bust out with a new UG, and have it up by wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy this crazy fantasy piece I did last night while staying up till 4 in the morning. Anyhow, don't blame Matt, I have a backlog of funny supplied by him to work with, I'm just slow and lazy and bad and <insert other negative adjectives as you please>. At any rate, check back again wednesday, and email me your displeasure if you wanna see a comic. Nothing gets the pencil going like angry fans filling my inbox with demands for new work. I still need to get that fanart section up, don't I? Mayhap next weekend. Anyhow, I'm forcing myself to get back in the groove of things. That's all for now folks,


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