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November 10th 2002

We've been updated! AAHHH!
Y'all do know that if you have ideas, you can post them on the forums if you want to, right?
Peace out, hope you enjoy.

Alrighty, sorry for the rough drawings, those are due both to the fact that I drew them very late at night last night and because I'm still a bit out of practice. I'm workin on that though. For now though, please check out The Hbomb Show, a webcomic by one of our loyal fans, Hbomb. He still posts on the forums, do you? He's cool and gets lots of manly love from gyro and me. See that, that's a forum in-joke, see what you're missing out on?!? Also, there's some breaking underground news on the forum, and I'm not gonna tell you here so you have to go there if you want the big skinny!


November 6th 2002

Here's a couple more amusing links from the Underground coming at you. Expect a new webcomic posted up within the next five days, with today being day number #5.
Image Nation. They have a singing monkey. You just don't see that anymore.
And Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie, as well as the Arrogant Worms. They're Canadian. They play music. And it's funny. Wow.
Meanwhile, your favorite writer, Gyro, has been running lights for his high school's production of Dracula, where he merrily listens to the sounds of what must be actors jacking off backstage because what the hell else could they be doing that's more important than their lines? Not bitter, we promise.

November 1st 2002

Hey everyone, let's get on those forums! Let's get some feedback going. Good, bad, incoherent...especially incoherent....come on in!

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