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May 2002


May 30th

Well, sorry that Wednesday's comic is going up on thursday morning, I didn't finish up as early as hoped, and couldn't get to the scanner before my parents went to bed. I think it's worth the wait though, and hopefully this has given everyone a chance to see the first installment. If you enjoy this comic, then you can stand just about the worst we can throw at you. If you are outraged, shocked, apalled, horrified, et cetra, do tell! Email us, or post in the forum! Maybe we'll change our vile debauched ways! At any rate, for those of you interested in further warping your view of Jesus, check out The Online Gnostic Organization What the hell is a Gnostic you ask? In short, a sect of Christianity that was around until about the 400s AD when what had become the mainstream Christian Church wiped them out. This website can explain things in much greater detail, and should prove interesting to those into that sort of thing. For now, thanks for sticking with us, and remember, vote in the Keenspace top 99 to show your support!


May 29th

Alrighty, as you hopefully noticed, the long hiatus is finally over. I've put up monday's strip a little late, sorry but all of the electrical shocking made me forget to get a strip done this weekend. Today's will be up by the end of the day (this afternoon probably) so thanks for sticking with us. I think these two are particularly funny. Are you shocked and apalled? Talk about it on the forums! Alrighty, I'm out


May 18th

I'm writing to you from my secret shelter located in the sewers of a bombed out city. Fearing the voice of the youth, the powers that be have launched a series of punitive strikes against not only the purveyors of Underground-ian comics, but against all teenagers across the country. Knowing a basic age and location of the perpetrators, the authorities have hit Northern Virginia and Harris County Texas especially hard. The devestation is horrible to behold; once bright, happy-go-lucky students are now shattered husks with a dead look behind their eyes. Some find the strength to fight on with the hope and promise of a respite come the summer months. The blistering final offensive has now mostly passed, and shortly it should become safe again to post our voice of the people. We will be heard! Vive le resistance! Vive le Underground!

Heh, the scary thing to think about is, how much of that did I make up? ; ) Thanks to Joe for the inspiration for this little newspiece


May 2nd

Well, it's that time again, I've archived April's News. What the hell happened you ask? Well, school has continued to get still more hectic, and I've had still less time. What little time I do have it usually leaves me lethargic and not in a comic-y sort of mood. So don't blame matt, it's all me. Heh, should be a strip up about that soon. Anyway, I have created a juicy little tidbit, which is a little logo that is for "Underground Approved" music. I got the idea on the keenspace mailing list, and if you think you have a kickass playlist of music that's listed on your site, drop me a line, and I'll consider you for the prestigious (heh, yeah right. maybe someday) Underground Approved. It's not that big a deal but you get a cool little pic with a robo-devil type guy. You may be seeing more of him around, I've sort of started to consider him the mascot of UG, but I need to talk it over with matt :D. Alrighty, well, bear with us, and remember, vote on the Keenspace Top 99! all you have to do is click that link at the top of the newsbox! Later!

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