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January 29th 2003

It lives! It lives! ::maniacal laughter:: Alrighty, as mad so succinctly and eloquently put it, we've been bad. I've been told time and time again that it's consistency that keeps a webcomic alive and lets it grow, and we've been, well, inconsistent. Because we suck, and we know it. Now, we are attempting to remedy that state of affairs, and as a small offer of our humble tribute to you, the reader, we have a week long Underground Fest 2003! Woo! I know I'm excited. If you're not, fine, cos you're still here at the site. At any rate, look forward to the previously announced new style coming up, I'm just focusing on getting comics done first, and putting that as a later priority. Also, more site content including some of matt's beautiful poetry and prose, and some more of my crazy drawing. If you're unlucky, you might get some of my poetry and prose and some of matt's drawings. Anyhow, after our 7 day bonanza o' comics, we're gonna get back in the groove of a 3 day a week update. See, here's why I predict we'll be more regular. Apathy. That's right, the exact thing that kept us from updating will now help us to do so! How's that work you say? Well, previously Matt and I were so drained from school, we got no comic goodness done. Now, we feel apathetic about school, so it doesn't sap any energy. We just don't care. What that means for you is time to do something we do care about! The comic. So, stick around, tell your friends we're back in business, and hopefully funnier than ever, and thanks for standing by for so damn long.

-Jeff, King of the Dorks

January 13th 2003

Sorry for the lack of postage, folks. We've been bad. To make up for it, however, coming soon will be a seven day posting session. That's right, the next time we post we will post once every day for a week. So stay tuned and frosty, we'll be back.

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