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if someone was there

if someone was there,
the phone could ring with unexpected surprise and
when picked up would shower your ear with so many unexpected Christmas presents.
there could be a kind of dark chocolate anticipation of twenty or so minutes
between the breath between receivers touched your face. and one of those
feminine smiles
we've all come to appreciate.

if someone was there,
the snow would be veined with long walks and
hot chocolate stains.
presents would go unattended as
the fireplace would roar, finding an audience.

if someone was there,
darkness would find candles in its place
and the air would crackle under laughter and velvet voice.
she would find the lines of an erratic poet
gently swirling across her skin.

if someone was there,
I would go to sleep exicted
go to sleep for the sole purpose
of waking up tomorrow.

if only
a brilliant star would burn through wint er skies.
if only
someone was there.
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